Our Most Frequently Asked Questions ...

How Long Does It Take To Build My Site?

We have developed a platform capable of delivering superb functionality and we have the expert designers available to translate your existing desktop website into a fully functioning mobile website within just a few days.

Because we custom build each website, we complete a "first draft" mobile site for you within a few days. We then work with you to add and adjust the site to your requirements.

Depending on our workload, we can get everything fully completed within 5 days so you can take advantage of the mobile market almost immediately.

Will I need to buy a new Domain Name?
No ! You will not need to worry about that, we give you a new domain at mobi6.net based on your existing domain name. You can use this new domain name by itself or just link to it from your existing website. For example m.yourwebsite.com can be automatically and seamlessly linked to the new domain at mobi6.net

Who Hosts My Site?
We host your site on our servers which allows you the scalability to handle your mobile traffic. This also allows us to take care of any technical issues that may arise so you do not have to have a system administrator or developers on hand to deal with mobile website issues.

Can I Host My Mobile Site?
Because our platform is so feature rich it is better when we host your mobile website on our pre-configured servers. This gives you the added advantage of being able to incorporate new features as they are developed and launched.

We recognize that at times it may be necessary to require self hosting and in those cases we can make arrangements to transfer files to your own server.

Do You Offer Any Marketing Services?
Yes - we have additional marketing packages and can help you with any aspect of your mobile marketing plan as we have extensive experience in mobile marketing. We also develop Mobile Apps which complement and harmonise with the Mobile Website. They perform different jobs and we design them to work together to build your customer base and increase sales volumes.

Will This Mobile Website Replace My Current Website?
You will need both a desktop website and a mobile website for the foreseeable future. So it is important that both sites work together harmoniously.

Why Should I Choose You To Build My Site?
We don't just build you a site and leave you to it. We are here to work with you, to help you take advantage to the changing mobile scene, to assist you to engage in and reap benefits from mobile marketing. We are in this for the long haul.

How much do you charge?
Our prices are easily affordable and dependant on your requirements - see Pricing page.

Why are you better than the others?
We know that you are busy with running your business and learning how to build a mobile website would take up considerable time and expense. We build your mobile website for you using our design skills to harmonize the new mobile website with your existing desktop version. We protect and extend your existing brand. We help you engage and benefit from the new sources of revenue that mobile marketing open up to you.

Ok, but what about the "instant mobile site" offers?
There are now many "instant mobile website builders" but these only offer basic features and do not offer a designed website to match and extend your existing online investment. They also take time to learn, how much do you value your time ?

It is not just a case of having features, it is also necessary to have some idea about design to know how to apply the features in the most useful and appealing way.

What features do you offer?
Our mobile website platform is the most robust and feature rich one we have seen. We continually add new features which help you attract and engage clients in way that expands your business horizons. You can see a detailed description of many features on our features page.

I still have some questions?
No problem, we have several pages of information and videos on this website which may answer your question, if not feel free to contact us with the form below.

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