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We constantly improve our mobile website design services by adding new features regularly. As a client, you will always be able to have our new features added to your mobile website and they will be professionally merged into your design.

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Below is an explanation of some of the features we use. It gives you a good idea of what can be achieved.


Icon Format:
We can arrange your navigation to use either horizontal bars or icons.
In the example opposite we have used icons.

We have a selection of over 1000 icons in 5 four color versions so we should find something to suit your needs. In this case we have used icons supplied by our client.

The client prepared the image using a basic image editor and we re-sized the image to the recommended size of 64px x 64px.

If you would like to have unique icons designed in harmony with your overall website design, we can do that as well.

Horizontal Bar Format:
This is an example of the horizontal bar navigation.

With this method there are a range of possibilities including the use of small icons on the bars.

In this case the client requested straight forward red and black bars to harmonize with the header logo and overall theme of the website.

All of the examples on this page are taken from live websites which we have prepared for our clients.

Page Content

When creating a mobile website you need a lot less data than your normal webpage holds.

Usually we need just one or two sentences on each page to give the meaning and a call to action.

Of course some sites or particular pages may have longer content, but it is usually much less than the desktop website.

In order to make the process of creating the website as streamlined as possible, we first select the text that we feel is the most important. This is part of the first draft.

In most cases we select what you want but if you desire to select more or less text or different text entirely, you just need to let us know.

Here you see we have summarized the service into three short lines which emphasize the translation company's most important attributes.

Tabled Data

We will format your data to produce nicely aligned tables or lists.

This can be for price tables, opening times, event calendars, product lists and many other data types.

In this case you see a simple but effective list of translation services which our client offers.

"Tap to Call" Feature

This feature makes it so easy for your potential clients to contact you, instaed of reading your phone number off the website and punching it into the dial pad, they simply tap on the icon shown on the scrren to initiate the call.

The "Tap-to-Call" feature can be adapted for different trades and professions. Different call to actions make your mobile website more specialized and more client oriented.

The "Tap-to-Call" feature is placed on many pages in order to encourage interaction and make the placing of orders as easy as possible.

In this website the feature is used to encourage visitors to phone in for a quotation.

"Tap to Text" Feature

A similar feature is used to initiate a sms text message.

You can use your own cell phone number and manually organize clients phone numbers or you can make use of an SMS marketing package.

Using an SMS marketing package enables you to capture the senders telephone number and then economically make promotions to this and all your other clients.

The SMS marketing packages ensure that only those that wish to opt-in to your offers are included in your promotion campaigns, making sure you stay on the right side of the law.

"Slideshow" Feature

We can add slideshows to any page of your mobile site.

This is a great feature as it lets us mix text and images to produce a dynamic show that draws interest. This is one we did for the New Orleans "Rock 'n' Bowl" Club.

The slideshow displays ten artists together with a description of their performances. It gives prospective visitors to the club a taste of what is available.

The slideshow can be set to rotate every couple of seconds like this one or at a slower pace. Whatever the rate of rotation, to stop and read the text, the client just needs to touch the screen.

"Direction Finder" Feature

This is a "must have" for all brick-n-mortar businesses as this plugin allows your customers to enter their current location and have their own cell phone tell them how to find you.

On a location page of your mobile website, we set out your address.

We also enter it into the map address and this generates the map shown here.

If someone needs directions, they enter their current location, or press the button to take the gps location from their phone.

Then a list of directions is displayed together with a new map showing the route overlaid.

The map zoom is optimised for the distance to be covered and as usual, the client can zoom or out as he desires to get a comfortable orientation.

"Social Widget" Feature

We can add special icons which link to social media sites at Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

This feature helps us place all your social icons in one place. This is usually at the bottom of your first page or on your contact page.

Nowadays it's important to let your own customers spread the word about your business.

Good news travels fast - especially when you help it flow !

Marketing Features

Mobile Coupons

Coupons allow you to boost sales in a controlled way. By selecting times that are otherwise low in sales you make fuller use of resources that you are already paying for.

A restaurant could offer a 20% discount on Wednesday evenings. A Gardening service provider could offer coupons in return for recommending a friend. There are many methods.

As you see here, you can group your coupons by month. This encourages more interaction with your mobile website.

Our coupons have controllable open and expire dates. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that coupons will expire on a certain date.

Expire dates also keep your customers coming back to your site to check what your latest offers are available. In addition it gives you a subject to discuss when you are marketing to them.

Notice how we use the coupon in conjunction with the "Tap-to-Call" feature.

Coupons can be placed on a "hidden" page. This may seem strange at first, but it is a great way to build club membership.

You simply only give access to the coupon page to people who sign up to your elite members club. Members get emailed emailed or "sms" ed every couple of weeks with special discounts that appear on the private "hidden" pages.

A QRcode could be printed on your menus so that clients can easily open the membership join up page.

Hidden Pages

"Hidden Pages" allow you to have pages that are only available by direct-linking. These pages are hidden from both the navigation menus and the site search.

For example, a "Hidden Page" could be a coupon/discount page that can only be accessed by scanning a QR Code, or an access page after entering an email address - ideal for a building up a marketing list.

"QR Codes"

As part of the Marketing Package we will provide you with the QRCode for your website and also special QRCodes for any internal mobile website that you need.

We can specify any individual page as the landing page - this gives you the ability to target specific groups of people and direct them to a mobile web page containing an offer tailored to them.

Combining the QRcode system with the "hidden pages", the coupons and mobile auto responders creates a power set of mobile marketing tools.

Customers just need to point their cellphone camera at the image to be taken instantly to the specific website page your are promoting.

Google Sitemaps

Most people don't even know that there are such things as "Mobile Sitemaps", let alone how to create them.

Google are using them to locate your mobile site and add the pages of your mobile site to their mobile search listings.

As part of the SEO enhancements we will create the mobile sitemap for your mobile website.



Mobile Website Network Navigation


Mobile Website Network Navigation

Page Content

Mobile Website Network Content

Formatted Tables

Mobile Website Network Tables

Tap to Call

Mobile Website Network Tap to Call

Tap to Text

Mobile Website Network Text

Sliding Images

Mobile Website Network Slide

Maps and Directions

Mobile Website Network Maps


Mobile Website Network social


Mobile Website Network coupons


Mobile Website Network hidden

QR Codes

Mobile Website Network QR Codes


Mobile Website Network Sitemaps

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