To say that the mobile website market is a HUGE opportunity ...

... is a Massive Understatement !!

Only 5% of the top 500 online retailers have a mobile website!

And as for the rest of business whether retail or service the figures far, far lower.

This is terrific news for anyone who wants to get in and secure a business which enjoys both upfront payments and ongoing monthly income, while providing a desperately needed service.

YES - I want to become a Reseller.

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Who Needs Mobile Websites?

Every single city ...
... in every country of the world ...
... has thousands of potential clients just waiting to be approached.

Art Galleries
Lawn Care
Home Movers
Cake Suppliers
Dry Cleaners
Shoe Shops
Beauty Care
Bowling Alleys
Taxi Stands
Window Cleaners
TV repair
Fitness Coaches
Personal Trainers
Photo Studios
Finance Consultants
Insurance Agents
Pet Carers
etc etc

Just open the Yellow pages and almost every company will need your services !

This business service is very easy to offer because there is such a massive need for it.

The small cost of the mobile website is repaid in a matter of weeks - sometimes in the same day, as new business is generated for your client by the website.

The mobile website also opens up the most economical form of marketing - targeted local mobile marketing.

Most business owners do not know how effective this form of marketing is. Compared to Yellow Pages advertising - its nothing short of miraculous.

You could be the one helping small business owners in your city grow their business through supplying them with a mobile website, offering them text message marketing, mobile coupons and more.

Full Training Provided.

We have the platform already set up.

Your approach is simple and honest. The cellphone websites pretty much sell themselves as most business owners know they are missing out on sales every passing week by not having a mobile friendly site.

Our aim is to help you start your own mobile website business. We'll provide you with everything you need including a your own sales website.

We do all the technical work for you.

We will provide you with full training on where to get your customers, how to approach them, how to easily show and explain the features and marketing facilities.

We've taken all the risk and difficulties away and made it extremely easy for you to to get started making profits right from day one.

We would like work with individuals or companies who want to resell our quality mobile website products and services.

Your Own Reseller Website.

It will look similar to our main website but has some important differences:

1) There is no reseller page.
2) Your Business name is displayed in heading.
3) Your Logo/Header image is displayed.
4) Your phone number is clearly displayed on every page.
5) You have SEVEN contact forms - one on every page.
Each contact form automatically sends the messages to
YOUR email address immediately (no intervention by us)
ALL leads go direct to YOU.

6) If you give us some text and photos we can personalize the
"About Us" page so that it describes you and your business.
We can add your office address if desired.

7) After logging in to your Control Panel, you can add new clients,
create new websites, modify and add pages, list your clients, contact them directly,
basically ... manage your whole business.

YES - I want to become a Reseller.

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